Supporting healthy student and family fitness with a year long marathon

The iDo26.2 program is an innovative walking/running program designed to encourage youth to get active as part of a healthy family lifestyle. The program requires goal setting, focus and endurance. Youth are encouraged to make exercise a habit for both themselves and their families.

Students walk, jog, or run on school grounds with miles accumulated in class, after school or while running or walking with family. During the school year Grades 2-8 students who finish the program will walk/run a total of 26.2 miles, which is the length of a marathon; and Grades K-1 students who finish will walk/run 13.1 miles (a half marathon distance). Successful “marathoners” receive iDo26.2 FEET each five miles they complete and get an iDo26.2 T-Shirt in May. All students are invited to participate in the Heroes for Health FUN run May 27th, 2017. Also, each student receives an iDo26.2 Certificate and is recognized in a school assembly in May. CWB-iDo26.2 is privately funded and FREE for all schools and students in Sonoma County.

Click HERE to see a list of participating schools.

Impact: Sonoma County

With over 13,500 kids are participating in this program, we are making an impact in 74 elementary schools throughout Sonoma County. 

I like ido26.2 because you exercise, keep in shape and socialize with friends.
- iDo26.2 Participant