Worksite Wellness

A Happy Worksite is a Healthy Worksite

The Center has over a decade of experience providing on-site wellness programs to local employers, and we serve a multitude of industries ranging from law offices to wineries to production facilities – from large employers with over 1,000 employees to smaller sites with 30 employees, all with proven success. The Center’s worksite wellness program engages and empowers individuals to adopt healthy habits, a key strategy to lower their risk of developing health issues through lifestyle change.
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Class Options

On-site worksite wellness classes cover a variety of health topics and are offered as standalone sessions or a progressive series. Add a 30-minute interactive food demonstration to any class for an additional fee. Build a program that fits your needs!

What Is on a Healthy Plate?

Participants learn about healthy eating habits and how to incorporate all food groups into a healthy, balanced meal.

Food Processing & Fast Food

Participants learn to differentiate between whole foods and processed foods while also learning about portion size.

Understand Food Labels

Participants learn how to locate and interpret different components of a nutrition label and develop criteria to determine whether a particular packaged food is a healthy choice for them.

Best Practices for Healthy Living

Participants learn how adopting various lifestyle changes, such as reducing consumption of sugary drinks and increasing physical activity, can reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Smart Shopping & Cooking Strategies

Participants learn to identify strategies to overcome challenges preventing them from incorporating healthy foods into their everyday meals.

“It’s Up to Us”

Participants learn about the relationship between heart disease and hypertension and how to reduce their risk, including how to monitor their blood pressure.

Program Evaluation

The Center takes pride in the efficacy of our programs, so evaluation is standard in our worksite wellness package. Attendees will be surveyed pre- and post-session on individual knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Success will be measured by participation and engagement in classes and improvements reported in participant assessments. Aggregate data will be shared with the employer after the presentation.