Worksite Wellness Resources

The Center for Well-Being's Worksite Wellness Program supports local businesses to create healthy worksites. This includes onsite worksite wellness activities ranging from nutrition education to assisting with worksite wellness policies. To build a larger learning community of worksite wellness leaders throughout Sonoma County, the Center shares the collective expertise of worksites who have begun to change their culture to support wellness via wellness workshops and monthly newsletters.  

Worksite Wellness Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to build and maintain a worksite wellness program. The Center's Worksite Wellness PDF can be downloaded HERE.  

Worksite Wellness Workshop

Sonoma County's iWorkWell initiative together with employer wellness groups are convening a learning community to leverage best practices for worksite wellness. The first workshop was held December 13th at the Center for Well-Being.

Click HERE for the workshop agenda and information about the presenters.  

Click HERE to view the slide presentation from Woodruff, Sawyer & Company.

The Center for Wellbeing held the second worksite wellness workshop on March 28th.

Click HERE to view the agenda.

Worksite Wellness Newsletter 

A monthly newsletter to share tips and resources to advance worksite wellness efforts. A local business who is successfully transitioning their culture to one of wellness will be featured each month via the Worksite Wellness Spotlight.

January Newsletter

Worksite Wellness Spotlight: Workrite

Worksite Wellness Workshop Summary

February Newsletter

National Heart Month

Worksite Baseline Biometric Screening

Worksite Wellness Spotlight: Catholic Charities Santa Rosa

Recipe: Garbanzo Bean Snack

March Newsletter

National Nutrition Month

Join the Center's Team

Worksite Wellness Spotlight: Redwood Credit Union

April Newsletter


Importance of Sleep

Worksite Wellness Spotlight: Straus

May Newsletter

Sports and Physical Fitness Month

Woman's Health Week

iWalk Challenge

Worksite Wellness Spotlight: Fetzer

June Newsletter

Fresh Vegetable Day

Men's Health Week

iWalk Challenge

Impact: Forward-looking

The Center has partnered with the County of Sonoma Department of Health Services to facilitate a countywide chronic disease prevention program targeting adults at small, medium, and large worksites located throughout Sonoma County. 

The CWB is reviewing documentation to build upon past efforts and is in the phase of a strategic plan. The goal is to determine how iWorkWell program should look in the future for both employers and employees, opportunities for short and long-term success, how we can collectively work to document health outcomes, and how together we can prevent chronic disease for working adults in our County.